This is the new home of the Storybro’s Magically Lewd trio of stories. Ideally it’ll be a more pleasurable reading experience than the bloated google docs we’ve come to know.

Background Information about the Story (For New Readers)

Story Hubs

(You’ll find all-related story links under each one) Along with all related story links. The archives (to the original posts on 4chan and all the commentary that came with) and other similar content.

Story 1: Storybro’s Magically Lewd Sleepover Adventure

Story 2: Storybro’s Magically Lewd Road-Trip Adventure

Story 3 : Storybro’s Sweet Nightmare


With great thanks to the audiobros we now have half of Sleepover completely narrated!

Other Hub Pages
Fanart / Fan Submitted Stuff
(An archive of nearly everything submitted story-related from 4chan or emails)

(Donation links, Fluffy bits and details on the Donor Stories Game. Also the home of a handful of extra standalone stories about the girls)

Contact the Author
(Where you can see how to ask me questions, also where everyone leaves comments)

Discord Server
(A magical link that will put you in a group that doesn’t talk about the story but pretends to) (DISCLAIMER: please join only if you have read the entire thing, at your own risk)

Woody Archives Page
(A little bit of information on “Why Woody” and information on how many, and where to get all the images)


30 thoughts on “Menagerie

  1. I go on a six month deployment, then i return to yet anothrr story…. god damn it storybro, just marry raven for fucks sake. I got so much reading to do….


  2. Dear Storybro,

    I found out about your stories in March for the first time and over the last 3 months I completed reading all of them. I wanted to thank you for your efforts of writing it all down and sharing your exciting stories with us. This was the deepest set of stories I’ve ever read and it left me often with feels for days after reading a part. It must have been tons of work to write this all down and I am also surprised how well you remembered all those events and described them with so many details. Your writing style was very vivid and I would have never imagined that a story would captivate me like yours did.

    For your future I wish you all the best and I hope you are still alive and doing well.

    Best Regards,


  3. I just wanted to thanks you for writing these VERY interesting stories. When I first started reading Sleepover, I thought it was going to be a quick and fun story, but no it was instead a became an epic. I did not expect to spend about 3-4 days reading it, but damn that was one hell of a story. Reading the rest of the trilogy and extras took me even longer. I just couldn’t stop reading. I’ve read everything and I found it to be one of the most hilarious and depressing stories I have read. I hope everything in your life end up great and thank you for taking the time to share these parts of your life with us.

    An Anon

    P.S. I hope one day in the future you will share another story or an update on your life, but I am content with everything that you have written. Thanks again!


  4. what the fuckkkkkkkk mannnn. I’m on page 437 of the first story and fuckkkkkk. Damn I really don’t want to make you feel bad about something from the past but this situation feels cold as hell. Storybro flip-floppin on emotions saying he still wants to be friends then raven finally gets to the point of realization and BAM! Storybro slams the door in her face. I am angry at that storybro. Not right man.


      1. wtf, read the rest idk. didn’t kill her, check. took you long enough to be honest, who cares. all that crazy shit could have been avoided, but then wouldn’t have that story. will read other stories, hopefully storybro crazyblindangerrage doesn’t come to fruition aymore. Thanks for the read, much insight many understand.


  5. I was honestly surprised that the story is as gripping as it is, seeing as how its a greentext and all.

    I don’t know, maybe you have all kinds of writing skill and didn’t realize it, or maybe you’re only good at writing greentexts. It doesn’t matter though, the story is good, and that’s all that matters.

    Assuming you could write up another one that is even just half as good, it would probably be a better book than most others out there.

    One of the draws of the greentext style is that it’s unique. It almost seems more personal, I guess. Its less like telling an epic legend, and more like a family member or close friend telling you a story about one of their life experiences.

    Maybe that’s why the story is making me feel so much more than the many books I’ve read. You aren’t trying to use lots of fancy words to describe everything. You’re not trying to make it sound amazing. Its more like an informal story telling. More personal, more intimate.

    There aren’t any fancy words to get in the way of the story, which allows you to focus more on the actual story than using all the descriptive words provided to envision everything. Your mind just fills in the blanks, using the simple words as a guideline. I guess it allows you to really focus on the emotion in the story. Maybe, with your mind filling in the blanks, you become more attached to the story. Almost like you’re a part of the writing of the story itself, or maybe even a part of the story.

    Whatever it is, its working wonderfully.


  6. 6 months later and I’ve finally finished reading everything. These stories have gotten me through some tough times. Thanks for keeping me entertained storybro.


  7. I hope you give us another story someday Storybro. I’ve read all of your stories more than a few times now and every time I do it’s like the first time I read them. I feel every emotion like it was the first time. No other story’s have done what these stories do to my emotions. I’ve never really felt much emotion in my life but your stories made me cry, laugh and get angry. Thanks for writing them. I hope you write for us again one day.


  8. Your stories used to be the highlight of my pathetic wageslave life. I would get on the shitter every day and read your updates from the previous night. It was one of the few things that kept me going. I would like to thank you for this, Storybro. Also, it would be nice to hear from you again.


  9. Found your stuff about a year ago, and I can say wholeheartedly that it actually changed me. Dunno if that’s something I should be proud of, but I’m okay with it. Thanks for a wonderful ride, hope you’re doing fine.

    Gadget is best girl.

    Liked by 3 people

  10. Thanks for the good reads Storybro, I’m glad I decided to watch Dovahbruh’s attempt at a reading of the story, got hooked and then read this once it was taken down and I was having a bad day(and then skipped out of the next week to finish).
    You should write books, I would certainly buy the shit out of it, I mean you got me listening to Elvis in the first time in a decade to help with the feels, so you definitely got me more invested in characters that I can’t ever truely confirm are real, than I am in people I’d been friends with for years.
    Also, I think I speak for all of us lonely/formerly lonely anons when I say thank you for the bedroom advice, as well as the tips on how not to tear our relationships apart and then teaching us how to (maybe) put them back together.
    Anyway, it’s getting pretty dark out and I don’t want to be eaten by a Grue, so I’m off to bed.
    TL;DR: thanks for making a sad stranger “happy” again with a story, filled with knights, dragons, assassins, birds and masterminds, and most importantly, the most ambiguously happy sad ending I’ve ever heard.
    (p.s. I ever get a time machine, I’ll send help)


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